What’s In My Bag: On The Go Makeup Kit

Ok, not gonna lie, I can be a bit excessive when it comes to the contents of my purse. It’s also like bag inception over here, I’ve got a bag in a bag in a bag with other bags lol. With Mary Poppins as my bag idol, I geek out watching ‘What’s in my bag’ videos and reading blog posts, often finding new things to keep on hand.

Truth be told, this isn’t my full makeup bag, it’s the condensed version that houses all my essentials and still fits in the pouch that I use as my on-the-go pouch. My everyday bag is a large tote with my things divided amongst a variety of other zipped pouches. I’ve now taken to having a main mid-sized pouch that holds my wallet, keys, phone, and this mini makeup bag. It’s great when I switch up purses, I just grab the pouch and toss it in. It’s a way for me to keep everything I need in one spot and for my brain to be able to find things with ease. Makeup? That’s in my toiletry pouch. Charging cable? That’s in my tech/work pouch. Anyways, back to my mini makeup bag. The items I keep on hand may not be things I use every single day, but they’re those things you don’t realize you need until you really need it.

Here’s what I always have on hand. From a few essential makeup products for quick touch ups to first aid and feminine care. This is how to pack the most reliable makeup bag for your purse so you’re prepared for just about anything.

  1. Small Cosmetic Bag
  2. Mini Pressed Powder Compact
  3. Powder Puff
  4. Mini Mascara
  5. Brow Gel
  6. Lip Liner
  7. Lip Oil
  8. Pencil Sharpener
  9. Spray Perfume
  10. Deodorant Wipes
  11. Floss Picks
  12. Eye Drops
  13. Alcohol Wipes
  14. Band-Aids
  15. Hand Cream
  16. Nail File
  17. Tide Pen
  18. Lens Wipes
  19. Feminine Hygiene Products
  20. Pill Container
  21. Extras: Bobby Pin and Hair Elastics, Tweezers, Brow Scissors