The Ultimate Guide to the ‘Latte’ Makeup Trend: Achieve a Sun-Kissed, Bronzed Glow

Ah, the intriguing world of food-inspired beauty trends! While it’s easy to question the sense behind such buzzwords, the Latte Makeup trend is undoubtedly one that’s capturing hearts and eyes alike. This aesthetically-pleasing, universally flattering look is all about embracing warm, bronzed tones to create a makeup look that’s as comforting and inviting as your morning latte.

With its origins stemming from beauty aficionado Rachel Rigler and Australian makeup artist Tanielle Jai, Latte Makeup focuses on using an array of warm browns, from the soft hue of a cream bronzer to the deeper shades of smudged eyeliner. If you’re someone who typically leans towards rosy blushes, you might find this look refreshing as it primarily uses neutral tones. So, without further ado, let’s dive right into how you can achieve this trending look.

What is the ‘Latte’ Makeup Look?

Latte makeup, as the name suggests, embodies a tantalizing mix of deep browns and warm tones, seamlessly blending to create a sultry, bronzed aura. This viral sensation has made waves thanks to its accentuation of caramel and coffee hues—be it via a creamy bronzer, subtly smudged brown eyeliner, or a neutral-toned lip gloss. Hats off to Rachel Rigler for popularizing the term on TikTok, but the true credit for the inception of this look goes to the talented Australian makeup artist, Tanielle Jai, who created a warm bronzy look for a campaign shoot.

How to Master the ‘Latte’ Makeup Look

Step 1: Prep Your Canvas

Before diving into any makeup look, your skin deserves the proper canvas preparation. A good base will help your makeup look flawless. Begin with a moisturizer, mixing in a few bronzing drops for an extra glow, and let it sink in for a few minutes. Apply a light layer of a hydrating primer that suits your skin type, to ensure that your makeup will go on smoothly and last all day.

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Step 2: Sun-Kissed Sculpt

Now, let’s delve into what makes the Latte look iconic—those warm, bronzed tones. The key to crafting a the natural, bronzed look that isn’t too cakey, is underpainting. To create the “bones” of underpainting begin with sculpting out the face, using a cream bronzer or contour stick around the hairline, down the bridge of the nose, beneath cheekbones and the jawline to gently carve out definition. Blend seamlessly, we don’t want any harsh lines!

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Step 3: Barely-There Base

Now it’s time to add your foundation makeup. Apply concealer to brighten the under-eye area and cover any imperfections where needed. Opt for a sheer-coverage foundation or skin tint to allow your natural skin to shine through. Using a fluffy, dome-shaped kabuki brush, lightly apply your foundation over the bronzer and concealer, blending it in to create a flawless base. Seal your base with a featherlight dusting of setting powder to lock everything in place.

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Step 4: Enhance The Eyes

The versatility of the latte eye makeup means there’s no prescribed way to nail it. When it comes to your eyes, you have a creative license. Want to keep it low-key? Simply blend some of the powder bronzer you used on your face into your crease and lightly smudge a brown eyeliner along your lash line.

Feeling glam? Go for a deeper warm brown eyeshadow, adding it into the crease for more depth. Smudge brown liner on both your lash and water lines. Elevate the look by adding a touch of golden eyeshadow to your inner corners. And remember, minimal mascara helps the warm browns be the star of the show. The principle is to let the brown tones be the hero, with minimalistic mascara to keep the focus on the eyeshadow.

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Step 5: Perfect The Pout

Complete your latte-inspired makeup with a lip color that complements the overall warm, neutral palette. Choose a lip liner in a caramel or warm brown shade and outline your lips, filling them in slightly, blending it into your natural lip color. Finish off your lips with a glossy neutral-toned lip balm or oil. This step is like that final stir of your latte before you take that first sip—utterly satisfying and pulls the whole experience together.

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So there you have it, your ultimate guide to mastering the Latte Makeup Look. It’s more than a trend; it’s an entire mood—warm, comforting, and flawlessly chic. It’s all about the delicate balance of neutral tones to create a warm, welcoming aura around you. So the next time you need a little boost, skip the caffeine and opt for a latte makeup look instead. Give it a try, and you’ll see why it’s the buzz that everyone’s talking about!


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