5 Ways to Level Up and Elevate Your Life in 2023

The new year is fast approaching and the need to close loops, finish tasks, and plan for the future is in full force. As we approach the end of the year, it’s time to start reflecting on what we did this past year and the goals we hope to set in 2023. So where do we even begin? Now, I wouldn’t really say that I’m one to set New Year’s resolutions but I do like to set intentions and take some time beforehand to jot thoughts as well as come up with a plan moving forward. Over the last few years, I’ve tested and tried different methods with my New Year’s planning with some being quite useful, while others seemingly being a waste of time. This year I plan to keep it simple and I’ve narrowed it down to these five main points. Join me in planning our best year yet!

Reflect on the past

One thing I’ve tried to be consistent with is showing gratitude for the life I live. Through the ups and downs, the positive and the negative, if we can find at least one thing in our current state that we can be grateful for, we can continue to take a step in the right direction. When it comes to the New Year, I think reflecting on the past year (and beyond) helps us celebrate where we’ve been and that helps us to welcome all the good to come. I like to go through my phone’s photo album and favorite pictures that showcase the year I’ve had. Then I either save them in a digital album dedicated to that year or print the pictures and make a little scrapbook, adding little journal entries to remember those moments.

Declutter your space and mind

Nothing says New Year, like a clean slate. Whether you partake in a deep cleanse or just like to tidy up for the holidays, decluttering and cleaning your space, not only helps to clear your mind but it’s your first win of the new year. Extra stuff isn’t just messy, it could be holding you back from living your best life. Some research suggests that de-cluttering can have as much of an effect on your well-being as it does on your physical space. In some Asian cultures, tradition and superstition dictate that homes be clean before the start of the new year, ridding the house of the bad luck and misfortune of the past, and opening up spaces for all the new, good luck to enter and infuse your life. So maybe make some time in between holidays to declutter and clean your space and while you’re at it, why not declutter your phone and computer as well?

Set your goals and intentions for the new year

For many people, a new year is a fresh start, a do-over of sorts, that motivates you to try something new or to recommit to those tasks you put on hold because you were too busy tending to more important things. When we talk about the new year, one word often comes to mind: resolutions. Every new year, we tell ourselves, “This year I’m going to ….” And then the new year ends, and we repeat the cycle over again. Why? Because New Year’s resolutions seldom have actionable steps. Instead of making resolutions, setting measurable goals is more likely to lead to success in seeing your hopes and dreams come to fruition. Here are a few tips to help in the goal-setting process:

  • Start small, don’t try to bite off more than you can chew
  • Create goals for different areas of your life
  • Write your goals down in a place that you can refer to daily
  • Breakdown your goals into actionable steps
  • Try the 12 Week Year method of goal setting
  • Celebrate your progress
  • Adjust as necessary

Create a vision board of your dream life

Vision boarding is an excellent way to get clear on your goals and be motivated to bring them to life. Vision boarding involves collecting images or objects that speak to the future you want to create and arranging them on a board for a tangible and aesthetically pleasing reminder of where you’re heading. A vision board is a visual representation of what we want to achieve. We can use it to show our end goal and where we see ourselves being in the future. Not only this, but a vision board will also help you show the process of how you envisage getting to these end goals. The idea behind a vision board is pretty simple. By having a vision board in a prominent and visible place with your goals and intentions, your mind keeps being reminded of these focus areas, and your subconscious will work away at them. Vision boards are linked to the Law of Attraction, which is essentially about attracting into your life what you are focusing on.

Set yourself up for success with healthy habits

Our lives are built on hundreds of tiny habits that we do every day. Whether we even know we’re doing them. Those habits hurt or help us, and our worlds are a direct reflection of them.

A habit, as you probably know, is an action or activity you do without many thought processes required. It’s second nature you rely on it to simplify your day so your brain doesn’t have to make so many decisions. Instead of having to reason about what’s the right thing to do in each situation, your brain simply already knows the way, since you have been doing those things for a while.

Sure, they are often so small that you don’t notice the impact right away. But over time they make ALL the difference.

Good habits are important to living a successful and less stressed life. Habits can help you make better and more powerful choices since you don’t have to reason and think about every little thing until you develop cognitive fatigue. At that point, your brain will jump at the first possible choice just to get things done.

This mental fatigue is what stops you from sticking to that diet goal of not eating ice cream after work. You stop at the supermarket, and instead of getting the green veggies you need to eat, you get a big tub of a rocky road for you to binge on. Why? You haven’t developed the habit of eating healthily. Instead, you have become trapped in a bad habit of indulging in harmful food choices.

Fortunately, we have the power to change bad habits and add superb ones. You can choose a better action if you are mindful and notice a habit you have. Remember: Habits are often coping mechanisms you may not even be fully aware of. Here are some examples of healthy habits you can incorporate into your daily life:

  • Eat more healthy, whole foods
  • Get 10 minutes of sun every day
  • Cook at home more often
  • Plan your day with a physical or digital planner
  • Achieve at least 15 minutes of movement or exercise daily
  • Learn to manage your money

So, there you have it! Follow these tips and you’ll be well on your way to starting off 2023 on the right foot. Cheers to a new year!