10 Hair Trends That Will Be Popular In 2023

New year, new ‘do. Hair trends come and go, but there’s something refreshing about changing up your hair once it hits January 1. There’s no better time than the new year to change things up, It’s a blank slate of sorts and a fun way to welcome good energy in 2023. But don’t know where to start? No problem. That’s where the hair experts come in to give you a guiding hand.

There’s a style for you no matter what you’re looking for. If you’re seeking a drastic change, the consensus has it that bob haircuts and bangs will take over 2023. If there’s a trend from 2022 that you’ve been eyeing but didn’t get a chance to try, you’re in luck. Many of those trendy styles will stay flooding your FYPs well into the new year. Curtain bangs, bobs, and classic ’90s layers — these are becoming classic looks that experts say will continue to be huge for years to come. Get inspired these beauty trends and take a look at what 2023 has in store.

Butterfly Haircut

Shorter layers frame the face, giving volume and the illusion of shorter hair while longer layers sit below the shoulders. The butterfly cut can be described as long feathery layers for those looking for something low-maintenance and a nice mix of both long and short layers.

A butterfly cut really speaks to the resurgence of the ’90s, a modern take on the popular ‘90s bombshell blowout look that adds glamour and volume. Think of it like a modern version of Rachel Green’s signature style from *Friends—*tons of face-framing layers that add movement and make hair feel weightless.

Anyone can try a butterfly cut, but it typically works best on thicker hair that isn’t too long. If the hair is too long, you can’t do so many layers, the problem that can happen is you lose the thickness at the end. Any texture can try butterfly cuts as well, but make sure to talk to your stylist about layers for your curl pattern that will help frame your face best.

Candlelit Brunette

Considering a color refresh in the new year? Candlelit brunette is the trending color that embodies cosiness, light and warm, and adds a healthy glow to the complexion. Being a brunette doesn’t mean you can’t have dimension or that you should have one all over flat color on top of your head.

Candlelit hair is all about intensifying the natural color variation of the hair, while maintaining a natural look. This look has a brunette base color featuring golden highlights. A natural classy brunette color that incorporates ultra-fine ‘babylights’ in different tones to lift and illuminate the hair, blending with the surrounding natural color that makes it look like the hair is bathed in soft-focus candlelight.

Combining rich and warm tones, with low-contrast and mid-tone highlights to give the hair warmth and a reflective feel, that complements all skin tones and is low-maintenance, too. It should look subtle, with a very pretty glisten. That’s why candlelit brunette works so wonderfully. It’s natural, classy, and has that look that you instantly think, ‘Gosh her hair looks so so good’.

90s Supermodel Hair

When it comes to hair, that means the classic bouncy, polished ’90s supermodel blowout vibes are having a moment once again. Reminiscent of the bombshell hair sported by supermodels Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer back in the day, this hairstyle is the kind of high-octane glam with shine, volume and bounce.

This is a hairstyle that isn’t afraid to look “done”; in fact, it begs the world to acknowledge the time, care, and skill put into it. It’s classy and classic, and has a “rich b*tch” vibe about it that’s a welcome change to the greasy ponytails and claw clips we’ve relied on for the past year.

When it comes to these 90s supermodel blowout dreams, we can’t forgot that with the amount of effort to maintain this style, having the right haircut is key. We’re seeing a lot of mid-length cuts embracing texture and showcasing waves, which make this cut not only gorgeous to look at but easy to style and maintain. The midi cut is a universally flattering haircut that can be styled many ways, from sleek and straight to voluminous, just like the 90s supermodel blowout.

Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are here to stay and they aren’t going anywhere in 2023, and for good reason. These versatile, face-framing long bangs look good on almost anyone and work on a variety of hair lengths and textures. They’re incredibly versatile and can be a great way to change up your one-length hair without making a drastic change.

Liquid Brunette

Super-shiny and glossy hair is going to be a key look in 2023, and the liquid brunette hair color trend delivers just that. Essentially, it’s dark brown hair with a hint of warmth and lots of gloss, deep and bitter like a dark chocolate bar.

The most common misconception about dark brunette hair is that it’s an easy DIY job. Just stick a jet black bottle of dye all over and you’re good to go, right? But no convincing, flattering or natural-looking brunette comes from store-bought box dye. Liquid brunette isn’t just an all-over color that’s applied from root to tip, it’s multidimensional and there’s a glow to it. This color is all about ‘micro-slices’, little sections of hair that are dyed wither one shade up or one shade down then glossed for a beautiful finish.

Long Layers

For all my long hair girlies, don’t be too alarmed with all of these short hair trends popping up. Long layers will never go out of style, so expect to still see layered looks in 2023. Layers help add body and movement to long hair and work especially well with hair that already has some natural wave or texture. They’re super easy to maintain, look great when you grow them out, and give you versatility when it comes to styling your hair.

The Bob

It’s no surprise that the bob makes it into the top hair trends year after year. After all, it’s less of a trend and more of a timeless haircut. Whether it be a classic blunt cut or a looser soft style, the bob remains a staple in any hairstylist’s look book. In 2023, we’ll be seeing both structured and casual styles, all depending on the face shapes and home styling preferences.

A take on the classic bob, the sleek blunt cut will remain popular in the new year. A more daring choice, it adds definition and structure to the face. Its simplicity makes it super sexy and sleek, but what’s even more attractive about this haircut is how low maintenance it is.

The soft bob is a looser, casual take on the classic, more structured bob. It allows you to embrace the movement and texture of your hair without the straight, crisp lines we usually associate with a bob haircut. This cut looks amazing if you have some natural wave in your hair, as well as adding texture and movement to those with fine hair.

Auburn Hair

There’s something about the red-brown color of auburn that just suits every season, and this year the trend is still going strong into winter. Auburn is always a tried-and-true trend tone, rich and warmer hues somehow just make sense when the temperatures drop. Once the weather gets cooler, the hair color gets warmer.

From award-winning actresses, models, and singers to social media influencers with huge followings, the auburn (or copper) hair-color trend has been spotted everywhere for months. From warm, subtle shades of strawberry to vibrant, bold colors of mahogany, there’s nothing that shouts a season change more than a delicious auburn hair color.

Wolf Cut

The wolf cut can be described as an organic, layered cut that suits most people. Inspired by two existing iconic trends – a 70s shag and an 80s mullet, it’s the love child of the two with a distinctive tousled, laid-back appearance. If you love a cut that will give you volume at the top of your head with some movement and texture near the sides and the bottom, this look may be for you.

The Pixie

Short hair will be big in 2023, which means we’ll be seeing a lot more pixie haircuts with a lot of different variations of the classic look. There’s nothing like taking the scissors to your old ends in pursuit of a newer, fresher you. The pixie cut is a classic for a reason, whether you’re used to having your hair short but want a bit of a refresh or you want a change from long, swishy hair. Whether it has a slightly longer bang, a bit of length at the back, or an all-over short cut, you’re going to be seeing a lot of the pixie cut in 2023.